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A Tale Of Two Barrels: Olde Hickory Saison Revolution

Olde Hickory Saison Revolution

Introducing Olde Hickory Saison Revolution. This saison snubs it’s nose at the “bourbon barrel” establishment” giving rise to a new world. Apple brandy barrel aging. (Which, by the way makes damn good beer.) Saison Rev is part of an emerging series by the North Carolina brewery – A Tale of  Two Barrels.

A humble, earthy Saison fights for recognition in a world of imperials. Eschewing the bourbon barrel establishment, Saison Revolution  reaches toward a new future through aging in local apple brandy barrels with ardent cherries. Is it the time for the rise of a new class of barrels? 

Style: Saison (w/ Cherries, Barrel Aged. Apple Brandy)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

8.5% ABV