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Lagunitas Born Yesterday back for a 3rd year

Lagunitas Born Yesterday

Lagunitas Born Yesterday, the brewery’s fresh hop pale ale, is returning once again in 2016.

The Yakima Valley hops are flown in fresh for the brew day, in typical fresh-hop fashion, in the kettle in less than 24 hours. Last year, the beer was only brewed in Petaluma, California. Very few bottles got very far from the Golden State. starting in  2015, the beer was  brewed in Chicago as well, making the beer more widely available.

Lagunitas Born Yesterday features whole cone, un-kilned Mosaic, Equinox, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. The beer bottles and ships the same day.

The brewery announced today that Lagunitas Born Yesterday has been bottled, and already showing up on shelves.

Style: Pale Ale (Fresh Hopped)
Availability: 12oz Bottles. Limited Release
Latest Return: Mid-October, 2016

7.5% ABV

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NoDa Sticky When Wet, a new fresh hopped beer

NoDa Sticky When Wet

NoDa Sticky When Wet, the Charlotte, North Carolina based brewery’s fresh/wet hop beer is headed for cans.

Head brewer Chad Henderson spearheaded this hoppy project, going from hop field to brew 24 hours. Henderson chose two ridiculously popular hops for NoDa Sticky When Wet – Mosaic and Citra. The duo give this beer big peach and grapefruit flavors.

We brewed this beer one day after the hops were harvested…as fresh and sticky as you can get! This wet hopped heer has an assertive bitterness, balanced with bright aroma and flavors of peach and grapefruit derived horn heavy additions of Citra and Mosaic hops.

NoDa Sticky When Wet is a draft, and 16 ounce can release.

Style: IPA (Wet Hopped)
Hops: Citra, Mosaic

Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: Week of October 10th, 2016

6.31% ABV

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Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green returning in 19.2oz cans

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green releases this month in 19.2oz cans. A first for this beer.

The brewery started contract canning a few years ago with RecreationAle, and last year bought their own canning line and brought the operation in-house. This will be the brewery’s first large format (read: stovepipe, 19.2 ounce size) can.

Terrapin’s “So Fresh and So Green, Green” is a beer that celebrates the hop! Made with freshly picked, whole leaf, “wet” hops, these off-the-vine beauties will encourage you to drink fresh, drink local, and drink now.

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green cans arrive alongside their annual Hop Harvest, on October 24th.

Style: Imperial IPA (Fresh hopped)
Hops: Equinox

Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft.
Release: Fall, 2015

8.6% ABV

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Half Acre Sticky Fat Releases 10/3

It’s fresh hop season, that means the return of Half Acre Brewing’s (Chicago, IL)  Sticky Fat. The 300 pounds of Chinook hops for this years release come straight from the vine in northern Michigan to the kettle at the brewery. Get Sticky Fat in your glass as fresh as possible.

This year we brewed with 300 pounds of Chinook hops, soaking wet and straight from our northern friends in Michigan. Sticky Fat American Dark Ale is brown as the bear’s hind quarters, and laced with piney, resinous hop character, backed up by plunging levels of chocolate and roast.

Half Acre Sticky Fat 2014 will be available in 22oz bombers and draft for a limited time starting October 3rd, 2014.

Style: Black IPA (Fresh Hopped)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft. Seasonal release.
Arrival: 10/3/2014

7% ABV

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Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green 2014

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green 2014

Terrapin Beer Company (Athens, GA) fresh hopped seasonal offering So Fresh & So Green, Green features Simcoe hops this year.

Each year since the beer’s inception, has featured a different fresh (just picked) hops. The label has changed a little bit too this year, featuring a die cut side label.

Terrapin’s “So Fresh and So Green, Green” is a beer that celebrates the hop! Made with freshly picked, whole leaf, “wet” hops, these off-the-vine beauties will encourage you to drink fresh, drink local and drink now. 

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green releases soon, close to the annual Hop Harvest at the brewery.

Style: Imperial IPA (Fresh hopped)
Hops: Simcoe

Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft.
Release: Soon (2014)

8.6% ABV

If you go: 

Terrapin Hop Harvest 2014 (at the brewery)
October 11th, 2014 (4:30-8:30pm)

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Elevation Ships Fresh Hopped “Downpour”

The first of two new seasonals coming from Elevation Beer Company (Poncha Springs, CO) is Downpour.

Downpour is a fresh hop “extra” IPA brewed with over 250 pounds of Colorado fresh hops. That’s over 4 pounds of hops per barrel.

This fresh brew is now shipping around Colorado. Those folks headed to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver will get a taste of this and Inconceivable! Oak Aged Imperial IPA. It officially ships in October.

Style: Fresh hopped Imperial IPA
Availability: 750 ml bottles

8.3% ABV 75 IBUs

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Monday Night Preps New Hipster Offering

Monday Night Brewing (Atlanta) is prepping a new bottle release – their first wet hop offering. (Hops picked straight from the vine and added to the beer asap.) Meet Hipster Fresh Hop Harvest, the beer that was doing before it was cool.

This fresh hop beer was cool before fresh hop beers were mainstream.

This fresh hop beer only listens to vinyl and b-sides.

This fresh hop beer uses Chinook hops because Chinook is the “skinny jeans’ of hops.

This fresh hop beer wears flannel in the summer.

Style: Wet Hop IPA
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft
Arrival: October, 2013

5.5% ABV