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Soon There Will Be 4 Beers From theCHIVE

The founders of the website The Chive will soon have four beers in their repertoire.

Joining KCCO Black Lager will be a wheat offering. A little while back, Beer Street Journal had a few beers with John, co-founder of The Chive. His intention then was to start contract brewing his recipes, and eventually build a brewery.

KCCO’s beers are brewed at Redhook under the name Resignation Brewery.

Soon there will be four beers in the lineup:

KCCO Black Lager – 5.1% ABV (1st Release)

KCCO Gold Lager – 5.1% ABV (2nd Release)

KCCO White White – 5% ABV (Coming Soon)

KCCO Amber Ale – 5% ABV (Coming Soon)

All four offerings will be available in 12oz/6 packs and draft. Gratuitous breast photos not included.