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Blue Moon’s Grape Scott! Yet Another Rename?

Blue Moon Brewing Company’s Grape Scott! is joining the brewery’s Graffitti Series. (See label, it makes sense.)

However, it is important to note that it may indeed be a rename of a renamed beer. Vintage Blonde Ale was renamed (last year?) to Golden Knot (in 750ml bottles) with the following description:

Golden Knot* is crafted with the juice of Chardonnay grapes and 100% wheat, intertwining a touch of tartness with apple and kiwi notes. This ale ties nicely with any food you might otherwise pair with white wine.

Grape Scott! carries the description: Wheat Ale with Chardonnay grapes. Blue Moon hasn’t clarified the different offerings for Beer Street Journal yet. In the meantime, your call.

Style: Wheat Ale (w/ Chardonnay Grapes)
Availability: 22oz Bottles

9% ABV