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Pabst teases 99-pack, Austin Beerworks throws some shade

Back in 2014, Texas-based Austin Beerworks released a first in the craft beer industry – the 99 pack. That’s 99 cans, for $99 dollars. For the non-math majors out there, that’s a $1 a can. Damn good deal.

This week, Pabst Blue Ribbon “unofficially” boasted their own 99-pack of Blue Ribbon. (They’ve actually done this before for Christmas, ironically in Canada.) Pictures of the 99-pack surfaced on social media this week. Twitter users were quick to point out to Pabst that Austin Beerworks had done this before.

Matt Bruhn, GM of Pabst replying to a tweet to Chris Furnari of Brewbound on Twitter that “Good ideas should be shared – enjoy responsibly.”

Incoming shade. Austin Beerworks took exception to the thought of sharing their originial idea.

You can literallly hear the Twitter torches being lit when a craft brewery speaks out against a larger one. However, this story takes a more postive turn. Austin Beerworks and Bruhn didn’t hash this out on social media, they did something almost unheard of these days. They picked up the phone.

Instead of sending a fleet of expensive attorneys down to Texas to crush Austin Beerworks (let’s call that the Anheuser maneuver), Pabst admitted they stepped in it.

We don’t know what Austin Beerworks means by Pabst making it right, but it might entail collaboration. Or… the 198 pack???

Ed note: Still verifying the source of the 99-pack image. If this is yours, contact us