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NEW LAUNCH: Mad River Brewing!

It seems like California brewers are taking Georgia by storm.   21st Amendment just arrived from San Francisco, and now Mad River Brewing from Blue Lake, California.

Mad River Brewing started the same way that a lot of craft breweries begin – with a dream.  Granted you hear that a good bit these days but it takes someone actually making that dream a reality that brings us new beers.  Brew master Bob Smith took that dream and ran with it.  It was 1977 when Bob joined the “Humbrewers Guild” a home brewing group in California.  Trips to a home brew shop in Chico, California found Bob Smith crossing paths with owner Ken Grossman who later founded Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.  After seeing Ken’s success, Bob was determined to follow suit.

Knowing Ken Grossman proved to be most important in founding Mad River.   By 1989, Sierra Nevada had outgrown it’s current facility and equipment.  Construction had already commenced on Sierra’s new location, so Ken Grossman sold equipment to Bob Smith.  Mad River was born.  By December 1990 the first kegs of  Steelhead Pale ale were shipping.

A quick rundown of the offerings by Mad River:

Steelhead Extra Pale – Pale Ale, 5.6% ABV.  Spicy & floral. Light bitter.

Steelhead Double IPA – DIPA, 8.6% ABV.  Citrus hop flavor.  Dry hopped with Amarillo.

Steelhead Porter – 6.5% ABV.  Complex malt flavor with smoky malt in finish.  Light dryness.

Steelhead Extra Stout – 6.5% ABV.  Lots of roasted malts.  light American hop character.

John Barleycorn Barleywine – 9.5% ABV.  Nutty caramel malts.  Hints of plum, black currant, and maple.

Double Dread Imperial Red – Red Ale, 8.6% ABV.  Big malt foundation on the clear red ale.  Alcohol subtle for an imperial.

Serious Madness Black Ale – 8.6% ABV.  Black brew with silky smooth body & mouthfeel.  Complex malt character.

Mad Belgian Golden Ale – Belgian Pale, 6.5% ABV.  Crisp, dry & effervescent.  Belgian yeast blends well with honey favor.

Estimated Arrival Date: July 8, 2010.  Launch titles to be finalized during launch week.   Mad River is distributed by Savannah Distribution.