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COCOA FUEGO! Duclaw Puts Chili & Chocolate Together

COCOA FUEGO! The sound of yelling me Duclaw Brewing’s¬†cchocolate, spicy offering.

Chocolate and chilies go quite nicely together. The hot and the sweet play off of each other very well. Duclaw Brewing knows this, and combined the two in a base stout.

The silky smooth stout is full-bodied with warm aromas of cocoa and roasted malt, a subtle hop presence, and a spicy chipotle pepper bite perfectly tempered by luscious dark chocolate. A new movement in flavor is rising…

Duclaw Cocoa Fuego will be available in 12oz bottles.

Style: Chili Beer (w/ Chocolate, Chipotle Peppers)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

7.5% ABV

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  1. Oh look, these hacks took someone else’s homebrew recipe and made it their own! Again. Sorry, not a fan of their shtick.

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