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The Bruery Roble Blanco Hits Reserve Society

The Bruery Roble Blanco

The Bruery has revealed “Mystery Beer #1” to their Reserve Society members. Roble Blanco is on sale now, a beer that mimics a margarita.

Roble Blanco is a wheat beer aged in tequila barrels. The agave, combined with aging the beer with lime and salt, combines for a margarita (beer-rita) flavor.

Living in Southern California, we’re huge fans of both Mexican cuisine and, of course, Mexican cocktails. This is a tribute to our favorite blended fiesta beverage, the Margarita. We aged this wheat-based beer in Tequila barrels for an extended period of time, lending warmth and a roasted agave¬†character. Coupled with a slight lime tartness and a classic, salty finish, this brew is a great approximation of the refreshing summer afternoon Margarita.

The Bruery Roble Blanco is offered in 750ml bottles.

Style: Wheat Ale (w/ Lime, Salt. Barrel Aged. Tequila.)
Availability: 750ml bottles, limited to Reserve Society members
Release: October, 2014. (First release)

15% ABV