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New Holland Brewing to Open New Brewpub, Microdistillery & Restaurant

New Holland Brewing (Holland, MI) is opening a new brewpub, micro distillery, and retaurant in Grand Rapid’s westside area in 2016.

The new space is located on the corner of Bridge Street and Broadway Avenue. The brewpub will be home to pub and distillery only offerings, as well as house New Holland’s sour beer program (aka “The House of Funk”).

“We have been waiting a long time for the perfect opportunity to come along in Grand Rapids and I’m so excited that an opportunity presented itself on Grand Rapids’ West Side. – New Holland President and Co-founder, Brett VanderKamp

The brewery has chosen Rockford Construction on the project, which should be completed in 2016. New Holland plans on hiring around 150 new employees prior to launch.

New Holland opened in 1997.

Below: The site of the future build. Above: artist’s rendering of the final build

Current New Holland Site