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Zombie Monkie: Episode 2

Tallgrass Brewing Company’s second episode in the ongoing Zombie Monkie Porter story…

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Tallgrass Brews Beer For the Zombie Apocalypse

Love zombies and The Walking Dead? Don’t miss this teaser trailer from Tallgrass Brewing Co (Manhattan, KS). This Saturday, the brewery hosting a zombie party and a “secret” tapping of the apocalyptic brew – reportedly a robust porter.

All the details will be released on Saturday, but in the meantime enjoy the video hype.

If you go… 

Tallgrass Zombie Party

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Tallgrass Oktoberfest with Bee Puke

Tallgrass Brewing (Manhattan, KS) will release Honeyfest in cans this fall.  The Tallgrass twist on the brew is the addition of honey, or “bee puke” as they like to refer to it.   Yes, I said bee puke.  Let’s get into that for a second. Bees collect nectar from flowers and store it is a stomach separate from its true stomach. Internal enzymes begin converting the nectar to honey on the way back to the hive. Upon arriving back at the hive, the bees puke up the honey. It’s then finished into honey, or becomes part of the honeycomb. So yeah, be puke – aka honey.

Style: Oktoberfest (w/ honey)
Availability: 16oz cans, Draft
Arrival: Fall, 2012

?? ABV

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The Making Of Tallgrass 8 Bit Video Game

Did you see Tallgrass Brewing’s 8 Bit Video Game/online ad?  If you haven’t be sure you what the 2nd video first.  The “video game” is a promo for the brewery’s new pale ale.

The full video

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If You Only Watch One Video About Beer Related 8-Bit Video Game, Make It This One

More awesomeness with Tallgrass Brewing. As BSJ mentioned before, the earlier vid was just a teaser for the full video below. 8-Bit Pale Ale echos everything that was and still is cool about early video game systems. Make sure you swing over to the brewery’s website & vote for your favorite Nintendo game. (Mike Tyson’s Punchout!)