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Pyramid Golden Rye Bock

Pyramid Golden Rye Bock

Pyramid Golden Rye Bock

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Pyramid Reigning 3s White Pale Ale

Pyramid Reigning 3s White Pale Ale

Pyramid Reigning 3s White Pale Ale

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Pyramid Bottling Discord

Pyramid Discord IPAPyramid mentioned a couple of months ago that they were going to get back to their roots a bit more. See: We Hefe’d Up That means new batches, and larger market presence for their current brews. Discord has previously only been available on tap.

A growing style in the Northwest, Discord Dark IPA features all the tasty attributes of a standard IPA, yet juxtaposed against a black malt canvas. This bold beer is not short on character, with a prominent malt character that meets up with the bitterness and hop presence from 5 different hops

Style: Black IPA
Hops: Nugget, Centennial ,Mt. Hood, Amarillo, Simcoe
Malts: 2-Row, C-80, Munich, Black Carafa II

Availability: 12 oz bottles, Draft.

6.5% ABV

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DRAFT: Pyramid Hop’Nautic

Pyramid Breweries recently mentioned they Hefe’d Up.  They wanted to get back to their roots a bit, start making test batches.  I’m sure this is a result of those test batches made in Seattle.

Hop’Nautic is currently only available on draft. (As of 9/1/11)

5.3% ABV


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Pyramid Hefe’d Up. Starts Test Batches

Pyramid Hefe'd Up

Pyramid Hefe'd Up

There’s just no pleasing some people.  Or maybe there is.  Pyramid Breweries has issued a press release in regards to their most popular beer – Hefeweizen.  Hefe was introduced in 1993, and then renamed to “Haywire” Hefe in 2008 – an act that the brewery feels was bad one.  It changed peoples view of the beer, and moved away from the history and tradition surrounding the beer.

Realizing this misstep, the brewery will be changing the name back to Hefeweizen, and giving the packaging a facelift.  This will happen before the end of the year.

Also,the used brewery in Seattle will become a brew site for test batches. <SeattleBeerNews>

Press Release (via WashingtonBeerBlog)

We Hefe’d Up!

SEATTLE, WA–In response to customer feedback–Pyramid Hefeweizen will return to its roots and original name–officially dropping the name “Haywire” from its packaging.

“Moving away from the tradition that made us great was a mistake,” said Ryan Daley, brand manager for Pyramid. “Our consumers connected with our Pacific Northwest heritage and craft beer brewing tradition. When we changed our Pyramid Hefeweizen packaging and name, they felt disconnected. Our beer no longer reflected our rich history.”

Pyramid Hefeweizen was first introduced in 1993 as an authentic, unfiltered American-style hefeweizen. Brewed with pale barley, wheat and caramel malts and nugget and liberty hops, Pyramid Hefeweizen has a 5.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and rates 18 on the international bittering units (IBU) scale. In 2004 and 2009, Pyramid Hefeweizen won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and numerous international honors at the World Beer Cup.

In 2008, Pyramid Breweries added the name “Haywire” and changed its packaging to differentiate from other Hefeweizen brands and attract new beer drinkers. The beer remained the same.

“By moving away from our roots, people viewed us differently. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we needed to change,” added Daley. “Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do and we intend on listening moving forward.”

Pyramid Hefeweizen packaging also will get a facelift.

“We’ve made some minor packaging changes right away but we will be talking with beer drinkers and unveiling a new design later this year that is more reminiscent of the tradition and heritage of the Pyramid brand and the Pacific Northwest,” said Daley.

Pyramid Hefeweizen is available in six, 12 and 24-pack bottles, and 12-pack cans at grocery, convenience and drug stores throughout the country. In addition, it is also available in 22 ounce bottles, on draft and 12 ounce cans that hit store shelves this summer.

“Beer lovers have enjoyed the smooth flavor of Pyramid Hefeweizen since we first began brewing it in the early 90s,” said Ryan Pappe, lead brewer, Pyramid Breweries, Seattle. “The guys at the brewery are lifting their glasses as we return to our roots and honor the heritage of Hefe.”

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Draft Day. Sam Adams, Kona, Heretic, Pyramid, Cigar City, Highland, Heretic Add Beers

Heretic Evil Twin

Heretic Evil Twin

Beer Radar.  These are some draft additions by a few breweries.  Where/when, not sure.  Knowing is half the battle.

Kona BrewingPacifier IPA.  6.8% ABV

KonaLemongrass Luau.  Ale brewed w/ ginger with lemongrass & ginger added.

KonaMauka Makai. Ale breed with honey, kaffir lime leaves.  6.6%

Widmer BrothersCrunchy Dude.  Ale brewed with raisins, dates, hazelnut’s, & sunflower seeds.  6%

Cigar City BrewingBlack Whole Ale

Highland BrewingYoung Grasshopper Summer Ale

Pyramid BrewingSuper Snow Cap.  9% (Imperial edition of Snow Cap Ale? Their 7% winter warmer?)

Heretic BrewingEvil Twin (Not the brewery)  A bold malty and hoppy West coast red ale. 6.8%.

Sam Adams – Black & Brew.  Ale brewed with coffee

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NEW LAUNCH: Pyramid Brewing

Pyramid has “officially” arrived in Georgia.  I use “quotation” fingers because the launch title Haywire Hefe has been on tap at Taco Mac restaurants for a few weeks.   Pyramid hails from Kalama, Washington.

Here is the short short version of Pyramid’s history.  Pyramid Brewing actually got it’s start under a different name – Hart Brewing Co in 1984.   History was made by the brewer when it introduced the first year round wheat beer since the dark times aka Prohibition.  New beers were introduced into the lineup each year, and in 1989 5 investors from Seattle jumped into the mix.  In 1993 Hefeweizen debuts followed by Apricot Ale in 1994.  In that same year Pyramid became the fourth largest craft brewer in the U.S.  Pyramid expanded in 1997 by building an alehouse in Berkeley, CA.  Eventually Sacramento, Walnut Creek, and Portland also become homes to Pyramid.

Haywire Hefe has seen a few weeks on tap handles here in Atlanta, and now the bottles are on shelves.  Ingredients:

Hops: Nugget, Liberty

Malts: 39% Row Pale Barley, 60% Malted Wheat, 1% Caramel

Taste Expectations: Some spice – coriander.  Lemon and citrus with some fruit.  Malt sweetness makes the hefe smooth and easy drinking.

Availability: 12oz/6 pks. Draft. Year round

5.2% ABV

18 IBU’s

Fun Fact: Haywire takes a gold medal at GABF in 2009.  “American Style Wheat Beer w/ Yeast

Rumor Mill:  Both Pyramid and Magic Hat are purportedly about to be purchased by North American Breweries…