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Draft Day. Sam Adams, Kona, Heretic, Pyramid, Cigar City, Highland, Heretic Add Beers

Heretic Evil Twin

Heretic Evil Twin

Beer Radar.  These are some draft additions by a few breweries.  Where/when, not sure.  Knowing is half the battle.

Kona BrewingPacifier IPA.  6.8% ABV

KonaLemongrass Luau.  Ale brewed w/ ginger with lemongrass & ginger added.

KonaMauka Makai. Ale breed with honey, kaffir lime leaves.  6.6%

Widmer BrothersCrunchy Dude.  Ale brewed with raisins, dates, hazelnut’s, & sunflower seeds.  6%

Cigar City BrewingBlack Whole Ale

Highland BrewingYoung Grasshopper Summer Ale

Pyramid BrewingSuper Snow Cap.  9% (Imperial edition of Snow Cap Ale? Their 7% winter warmer?)

Heretic BrewingEvil Twin (Not the brewery)  A bold malty and hoppy West coast red ale. 6.8%.

Sam Adams – Black & Brew.  Ale brewed with coffee