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Posted in Ass Kisser Ales, New Beers
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A Tight Ass From Ass Kisser

Ass Kisser Tight Ass Hefewiezen

This Tight Ass hefewiezen is the 3rd release by Ass Kisser Ales.

Ass Kisser Ale is a state of mind! Just as you contemplate the flavors of this fine ale you can contemplate sharing a bottle with a friend your boss… Maybe they are one in the same.  And then again maybe not! We are just sayin!

The Ass Kisser “Tight Ass” hefeweizen is a clean style of wheat beer that has a sens and style of it’s won.  Providing clove and citrus flowers with a clean and spicy finish this beer will push the pain of the day away.

Style: Hefeweizen

Availability: 12oz bottles

5.8% ABV

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12oz Bottles For Asskissers

Ass Kisser Ales (Fort Worth, TX) is putting Ass Kisser and Porter Pounder into 12oz bottles.  Both offerings are currently available in 220z bottles.

Unless something has changed, Ass Kisser beers are brewed by Rahr & Sons in Fort Worth.   Their lineup includes:

Double IPA, 7.75%

Porter Pounder, Smoked Porter 8.03% ABV

 Arrival: TBA