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Brewdog Makes Adjustments In 2012

Brewdog most certainly has a flair for the dramatic.  Fights with CAMRA (English Real Ale fanatics),  fights with Germans, beer stuffed in dead animals (or poured through one) and more.  The brewery has made some resolutions going into 2012.  Focus more on what is IN the glass and not what goes on around it.

Addressing Punk IPA issues:

A few factors have thrown Punk IPA ever so slightly off course. Firstly the new annual harvest of malt has had a massively different fermentation profile to the previous years. This means the beer has been consistently over-attenuating (fermenting too far) resulting in a little less mouth feel and malt flavour, not the intended balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, and a little perceived astringency from the slightly higher than intended alcohol. All just tiny things, but together they change the profile of the beer. And it takes a little bit of time to adjust the recipe for the changes in malt.   …We have to order hops a year in advance and we ran out of some varieties in November and were missing the awesome Simcoe for a few weeks, a hop which is key to Punk IPA. (We forecasted the hell out of our hops for 2012 and definitely won’t run out again — even with our hopping rates!)

Things to be on the lookout for:

Brewdog, through funds raised through Equity For Punks, is in the process of building a new brewery, and will release an Estate Beer this year.

A new Paradox brew is soon to be released – Paradox Jura.

Trashy Blonde is headed states side soon.

Cranachan Imperial Stout could be an Abstrakt release

Lost Abbey/Brewdog Collaboration will head stateside this year.

Brewdog & Ballast Point created a rum, raisiny collaboration recently also.

and thats just the beginning…