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Drink 28% Beer From A Deer Head

Forget drinking from a bottle out of a stuffed squirrel. (Re: End Of History.) How about drinking from a deer head.  Not even kidding.  This just wreaks of Brewdog.

Fu*k the system. Forget what you know. What has been. Bow to no one. History is bereft. Reorder. Disorder. Embrace the unknown. The groundbreaking. The challenging. The revolution is upon us.

This described supersonic bitch of a beer is 28% ABV.  Served out of a stuffed deer head.

This idiosyncratic ale combines the 3 things that we are most passionate about: craft beer, art and taxidermy. This is a revolution in brewing and in beer dispense. The impact is at once beautiful and disturbing — it disrupts conventions and breaks taboos, just like the beer it pours.

Ghost Deer is a full 28% ABV from normal fermentation using multiple yeast strains and sugars to keep them alive. (High ABV kills yeast.)

The beer itself is a robust 28% blonde ale. After fermentation it is aged for 6 months in some amazing whisky, bourbon, rum and sherry barrels. There is only one Ghost Deer head and this beer will only ever be available on draft, served in a stemmed glass, direct from the mouth of the deer himself. The elusive deer is going to be resident in BrewDog Edinburgh for a very limited time period commencing at 7.30pm on Wednesday the 7th of September. The deer himself will decide where he will next appear. [Brewdog]

Ghost Deer from BrewDog on Vimeo.