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Brewdog’s 2012 Expansion, New Estate Beer

Thanks to the support of Equity For Punks,  2012 will see a new brewery for Brewdog, plus new craft beer bars

Plans for a  £6.5million ($10 million) – low carbon brewing facility in Aberdeenshire have been submitted to the UK planning commision- £1.5m ($2.3 million U.S.) coming  from beer drinkers across the world.

Brewdog has grown over 200% in 2011, with demand on their beer rising.  Contact brewing for these punks is not an option.

The brewery will be 8 miles down the road from the proposed site at  Balmacassie instead of Pottorton.  The costs to make the  Pottorton site were millions more and 2 more years of prep.  Balmacassie has the utilities in place, (plus room to grow) allowing the new brewery to be functional by October, 2012.

About The New  Brewery:  Will be energy efficient (heat recovery system, grey water treatment, etc.)  10 new 400 HL (340 barrel) fermenters will be added to Brewdog’s existing 27, for a grand total of 37 fermenters.  There is room for many more.  A new bottling line will be added.  The Pottorton land is owned by Brewdog, and will be used to grow their own malt.

Capacity: Intial Capacity = 100,000 HL (85, 216 barrels) annually. Expandable to 500,000 HL (426,080 barrels) annually.

NEW BEER ANNOUNCEMENT! Soft fruits will be grown at Potterton for a new yearly “Estate” beer release.

Jobs: 25 added intially. 75 over time

Craft Beer Bars: BrewDog Newcastle will be at 16 Dean Street.  Work to begin soon.  Brewdog Camden will be open by 12/10/11. Those will join Brewdog Aberdeen, Brewdog Edinburgh, Brewdog Glasgow. A cash infusion of £1m ($1.5 mil US) into the bars will occur in 2012.

All this is made possible by Equity for Punks investments.
For those who still want to invest, visit to buy part of BrewDog from £95


Brewdog Newcastle Location

Brewdog Camden Location