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Beck’s Sapphire To Launch In Black Bottles

Beck's Sapphire

Meet a new offering arriving this fall from Braueri Beck, Beck’s Sapphire. The beer is a pilsner, and  draws its name from the sapphire hops it uses. In an interesting twist, the bottles will be black, and interesting twist from the green bottles they have used for decades. National marketing campaign will start running in November.

…Beck’s Sapphire, a new full-bodied, premium pilsner offered in an exclusive, sophisticated black bottle. Contemporary adults are increasingly looking for high-end beers that complement their style and exciting nighttime occasions; Beck’s Sapphire delivers just what they are looking for.

Style: Pilsner

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: November, 2012

6% ABV 

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  1. I continue to be dismayed by Total Wine in that they still allow Beck’s to be stocked in their Imports section. Since the switch to non-imported the quality of Beck’s in the US has declined markedly.

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