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No More Price Increases: Winking Lizard Banishes AB & Miller From Taps

Outraged over price increases by SABMiller and AB InBev, restaurant chain The Winking Lizard is dumping Miller Lite and Bud Light. Both companies have raised prices across the board recently. That equates to a price increase for the customer.

An employee of the restaurant chain (who didn’t want to be identified) says this: – “with the price of these light beers going up, there is a decreased value for the customer. What’s the point anymore? Time for more craft, from hard working American breweries.” ¬†Yuengling & Yuengling Light will be the national brand of choice.

Important thing to note here, The Winking Lizard has pulled these off the draft wall because of the politics of price increases. Not how the brand is viewed in America’s exploding beer market. ¬†Both brands were/are strong sellers in the restaurant chain.

2 thoughts on “No More Price Increases: Winking Lizard Banishes AB & Miller From Taps

  1. Would love to know who is the distro(s) for this 14 store Ohio operation. Very beer-centric place. Wonder if Miller/AB will retaliate against the chain or its suppliers in any way. Bottomline, Yuengling Light is a totally functional light beer for the mass market crowd.

    • i think miller and AB dont give f***** abut chain or retailers only think they care is abut how to make money and more of them every year

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