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Aeronaut Brewing & indie band release a “beer can album”

Aeronaut T.R.I.P. IPA

Somerville, Massachusetts based Aeronaut Brewing has teamed up with indie band The Lights Out, on a different kind of collaboration.

The music-meets-light combo band has opted to not just collaborate on a beer with a brewery, but release a full studio album “on” the can. Let’s start with the beer and work backwards.

Aeronaut T.R.I.P. is the name of the beer – an imperial session India pale ale. Paradoxical? Yes. That’s exactly how the team wanted it. The Lights Out is really into the multiverse theory of the universe. It may sound a bit insane, but scientists postulate that shortly after the Big Bang formed the universe, space-time expanded at variable rates in different places. That gave rise to “bubble universes” that may/could function with their own separate laws of physics. The band’s philosophy is built off this idea.

The album explores the idea that our observable universe is one of many — a multiverse — where everything possible exists somewhere. It was inspired by the theory that each of us has infinite reflections of ourselves, living alternate lives. Each song on the album was written as a report back from another reality visited by The Lights Out.

Aeronaut T.R.I.P. is not session a session beer at all, but a 7.5% alcohol by volume IPA brewed with a hop perfect for this kind of collaboration – Galaxy.

As cool and trippy as all this sounds, the only way to get the album is to buy the beer. Apparently there are instructions printed on the can telling you how to obtain it. (We are assuming it’s not an iTunes link.) Aeronaut Brewing’s lineup is available around the Boston area.

Style: IPA
Hops: Galaxy

Availability: 16oz Cans
Debut: November, 2016

7.5% ABV

The Lights Out its all about light shows. Check their performance below.

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