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New Belgium & Wicked Weed Create “Tributary”[PICS]

Wicked Weed New Belgium Tributary

Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC) and New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO) have teamed up on a new offering – Tributary.

Tributary was brewed at the brewpub in Asheville (future home to New Belgium), and will release on November 15th, 2014.

Tributary features malt from Colorado Malting, and Riverbend Malt in Asheville. Additionally, the beer features yeast from both New Belgium’s brettanomyces strain and Wicked Weed’s saison/brett blend. Rounding out the ingredients are sugar beets, Mosaic hops, and one experimental, yet to be named breed.

Barrels of water were shipped from Colorado to be added to the brew as well, signifying water’s important role in brewing. Abby Dickinson, Marketing and PR at Wicked Weed:

 “Two smaller tributaries coming together make a stronger, larger, more beautiful river… The same goes for craft beer. We are all a part of a larger community and when we can come together and support each other, we are a part of something more beautiful…”

A portion of the proceeds from bottle sales will benefit the Western North Carolina Alliances’s French Broad Riverkeeper program. Wicked Weed/New Belgium Tributary will be released at 2 pm on November 15th.

Style: Imperial Saison (w/ Sugar Beets)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Arrival: 11/15/14, 2 pm

?? ABV

Images via Wicked Weed Brewing