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Louisville Bar Uses Rare Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon in Jell-O Shots

So a friend in Louisville, Kentucky emails me the Facebook page of a bar in town. Apparently they have decided to do something different with their allotment of rare bottles of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. I’m talking about Jell-O shots.

Meta has been open just one year now in downtown Louisville, and just got their first crack at the bourbon as an establishment. True, you could just pour it by the ounce for $60 dollars or higher. But what fun would that be? From Meta’s Facebook page:

Today starting at 5:30, Meta will be selling our yearly allocation of Pappy Van Winkle. More specifically, we will be selling Pappy Van Winkle Jello shots. Sacrilege! they may cry, but we disagree. Pappy is a great whiskey to be sure, but there is so much other awesome stuff on the market as well. After being open a year and finally being “allowed” to buy this bourbon, it’s time for a little fun. We are a bourbon state anyhow- isn’t all about fun? We don’t need to take things so damn seriously. So today at 5:30, don’t go home. Come to Meta. Pappy 15 Old Fashioned Jello shots are $10 until they are gone. And yeah, we also have 10, 12 15 and 20 for you to drink neat or on the rocks as well.

I mean, for what it’s worth, they ARE selling it by the glass too. Hey, it’s America. You can do whatever you want right?