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Upslope Mosaic IPA. The reason we love this hop so much.

Upslope Mosaic IPA

Upslope Mosaic IPA is the latest edition in the brewery’s ongoing Tap Room Series. Perfect for a day like today. (IPA Day.)

The Tap Room Series spans all styles, basically at the whim of the brewing team. Being middle of the summer, we are willing to bet a┬ásingle hopped India pale ale was an easy choice. This release features Mosaic hops – a hop in high demand these days. With good reason. By now you have to be pretty familiar with Mosaic hops – a recent runaway star in the aroma hop game. They smell of tropical fruit, and have a “mosaic” of citrus flavors, even a bit piney.

Upslope Mosaic IPA rocks all that and more. While this 19.2 ounce can of hop love is only available in the Upslope taprooms, we cast our vote for making this at least a seasonal.

Style: IPA
Hops: Mosaic
Availability: 19.2oz Cans, Draft. Limited release.
Debut: Summer, 2016

7.5% ABV