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Brotherly Suds 2: A Brewer’s Beer

Here are some more details on the sure to be tasty collaboration headed for Philly Beer Week in June, 2011.  The name is Brotherly Suds 2..  The collab features Tom Kehoe (Yards),  John Trogner (Troegs), Brent Kintzer (Stoudt’s), Bill Covaleski (Victory) and Gordon Grubb (Nodding Head).  BS2 will be a lager – described by the group as a “brewer’s beer” not a beer geek beer. “A selfish beer.” Finding importance in layering flavors into the beer itself.

Brent Kintzer from Stoudt’s organized the collaborative and provided the equipment.  The malt bill was designed by Trogner & Covaleski.  The hops – Grubb & Kehoe.  The crowning touch of history & brewing comes from the yeast.  Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company was a Philly beer staple from 1906 until they closed their doors in 1975.  Brotherly Suds 2 will feature Schmidt’s yeast, bridging Philadelphia brewing past, and present. The beer debuts June 3, 2011. Video via Susquehanna Live.

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Brewing Up Brotherly Love

Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing mentioned on Twitter merely a picture that had him, with the brewers of Troeg’s, Nodding Head, Yards, & Stoudt’s. The quote “brotherly suds a brewin, ^BC”

The only allusion to what could be up is potential a big collaboration for Philly Beer Week 2011.

I’m sure there’s more to the story…