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Goose Island Eyeing Georgia 4 Quarter Rollout?

It’s no secret that Goose Island Brewing was purchased last year by beer giant Anheuser-Busch.    As speculated, the acquistion was going to give Goose Island more brewing capacity (& more places to brew.)  Prior to the purchase last year, I visited the production brewery.   The brew house spends a good deal of time brewing 312 Wheat to keep up with demand.  Post purchase, at least some of the 312 Wheat -specifically cans, are now being brewed in Baldwinsville, New York at one of the Budweiser facilities.

I have learned today from a reliable source that Goose Island has plans to rollout draft in Atlanta in Quarter 4.   Again, draft only initially.    Leap frogging states?  Not the first for breweries (see most recently Finch’s Beer Co.)  There have been many Goose Island kegs showing up just to the north in Nashville.  The brewery is most certainly looking to get their “feet wet” in that state as well.  A friend just noted that you’ll probably see this happen in states that have big AB production facilities.  (i.e. Cartersville, Georgia)

More to come for sure.   Especially what beers & when.

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Lagunitas Still Sucks. The Leftovers

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday AleNot 100% confirmed. In the absence of Brown Shugga this year, Lagunitas has created Sucks Holiday Ale.  Apparently there will be another label for the same beer, dubbed Lagunitas Still Sucks. The Leftovers.  The beer won’t change, just a label tweak.  More fun at their own expense.  Not sure when we will see this label yet.

In other Lagunitas news, Fusion 8 is on the way.  Style yet to be announced.

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This Is A BIG Sierra Nevada Celebration

Sierra Nevada Celebration CorkedThis is completely a tease, as these Sierra Nevada Celebrations big boys are just experimental bottles.  But we MIGHT have the opportunity to purchase these bottles in the future.

What you see before you are 101.4 fluid ounce editions of Celebration Ale.  Yes they  just experiments.  Per Sierra brewer Terrance Sullivan:

These were test bottles to see if we could fill counter pressure bottle condition beer. Hopefully these will become available in the future with more beers than just Celebration Ale. Although opening one of these is a true Celebration.

Sorting through the beer geek speak- Sierra might be leaving this IPA unfiltered, and adding a little yeast extra yeast to condition in the bottle.  Counter pressure is adding a little extra CO2 to the bottle and corking it.  You could truly pop a cork and have a celebration.

Again, these aren’t commercially available.

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Three Floyds Baller Hits Distribution?

Three Floyds Baller StoutThree Floyds Anniversary brew- Baller Stout (a collab featuring 3 FloydsSurlyMikkeller, and Struise: a blend of Dark LordDarknessBeer Geek Brunch, and Black Albert) Is rumored to hit distribution. (Even if it’s just a little bit.)  Now this is a rumor, and not 100% verified. But those with access might now want to miss out.

PittsburghKid66 mentioned this on BA:

I will cut to the chase. If you were pissed at Three Floyds about the way they handled their release party, be prepared to be down right outraged.

Apparently, Three Floyds is distributing the remainder of their xv beer. Now the amount, who knows. However, I just went to a local store that usually doesnt get any limited beer at all. They not only have xv on sale, but they also have amon amarth which was until now brewery only.

I have been told that other liquor stores have it also, but this has not been confirmed by me. However, it may explain how the manager of a local liquor store chain was able to obtain such a large quantity to trade on this site. I should add this is only conjecture on my part and not an accusation.

In any case, for those of you who paid $25 a ticket for the right to purchase this beer and then stand in line another 4 or so hours, I imagine this news will be highly upsetting.

If anyone else has any news in regard to this, please post. On the other side of the ledger, this store is charging more than you are currently able to purchase xv on ebay so not all bad.

pic via ChicagoBeerGeeks

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Dogfish Considers Brewing More Bitches


Dogfish Head Brewing is rumored to kicking around the notion of brewing more Bitches Brew.

Bitches was released for the 1st time almost a year ago in honor of the 40th annivesary of Miles Davis’ landmark album Bitches Brew.  The imperial stout is brewed blended with honey beer brewed with gesho root.

IF Bitches Brew does make a return, release would be around October – November.



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Sierra Super Collab Coming Soon?

Sierra Nevada Brewing mentioned on their Facebook page that they were tasting organic juices for an upcoming collaboration.

The collaboration will feature Dogfish Head, Lost Abbey, Avery Brewing, Allagash & of course Sierra Nevada.

In the picture (L-R)  Adam Avery, Ken Grossman, Tomme Arthur.  Details should be interesting…

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Brewing Up Brotherly Love

Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing mentioned on Twitter merely a picture that had him, with the brewers of Troeg’s, Nodding Head, Yards, & Stoudt’s. The quote “brotherly suds a brewin, ^BC”

The only allusion to what could be up is potential a big collaboration for Philly Beer Week 2011.

I’m sure there’s more to the story…