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Midnight Project “Peotch” Soon


It’s almost time for Midnight Project #4 – the collaborative project between Terrapin & Left Hand Brewing.  As mentioned before, this years edition features peaches! From Terrapin’s recent newsletter:

The magic between Terrapin and Left Hand began in 2008 after a beer festival, around midnight, when the two companies decided to do an annual collaborative brew. This July we are once again teaming up to create the next volume of the Midnight Project series. This year’s collaboration has an agricultural theme featuring a product both states are known for…peaches! The ‘Peaotch‘ is a peachy ale that is sure to please.

Ro Guenzel from Left Hand was in Athens, GA the last week of July to brew the new fuzzy ale.  Finishing the trip at Brick Store Pub, the birthplace of the project of course.

Arrival: TBD

“Peotch” joins Terra-Rye’ZD, Depth Charge, & Oxymoron in the series

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Preliminary Details: Terrapin/Left Hand Midnight Project 2011

NOTE: These details are subject to change.

Terrapin Brewing & Left Hand Brewing are about to embark on their 4th brew in the Midnight Project Collaboration Series.  Each year, the location of the brew switch from brewery to brewery.  Year 1: Longmont. Beer: Terra-Rye’Zd  Year 2: Athens. Beer: Depth Charge.  Year 3: Longmont. Beer: Oxymoron.

This year’s edition will be brewed in July sometime in Athens, Georgia.  Here are some tentative details.  Peaches.  A mixture of both Colorado & Georgia peaches.  Style, other ingredients and such have yet to be decided.  That’s what getting together over beers is for. (Hey, that’s where the series started right??)

The name they are working on is awesome. Pea-och.  (That’s my spelling, but sound it out. That’s what they are going for.)

Again, brew day is in July sometime. Also in July is this year’s Reunion release with Shmaltz Brewing & Alan Shapiro.

Other Terrapin News, the brewery is currently installing more conditioning tanks. (Image below). Saturday June 18th is the brewery’s “Brewau,” 5:30-7:30pm


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RUMOR: Terrapin/Left Hand Midnight Project #4

Terrapin & Left Hand Brewing are already talking about the 4 edition of their Midnight Project collaboration series.  The series, started in 2008 – was purported to have been born out of a late night chat at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA.  3 beers have been made since that infamous chat – Terra -rye’Zd, Depth Charge, and Oxymoron.

Beer #4 will is tentatively scheduled to be brewed in July 2011.  This edition is brewed at Terrapin this year, with peaches are being discussed as the ingredient of choice.  Name? While not set in stone, “Fuzzy Wuzzy” is a potential.

Still all the the planning stage & subject to change.  Midnight Sessions #4 is planned for a Fall, 2011 arrival.

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CASK ALERT: Terrapin’s Moo Hoo

On Friday, November 12th, Taco Mac Kennesaw turns 3 yrs old.  To celebrate – they will be tapping a cask of Terrapin’s new “Moo Hoo” and a few other goodies.

Tap Rundown:

Terrapin – Moo Hoo CASK.  The new chocolate milk stout, gravity poured.

Founders – Breakfast Stout. Imperial Stout, XX% ABV.  Popular double chocolate, coffee, oatmeal imperial stout.

Left Hand/Terrapin – Oxymoron. – India Pale Lager, 7% ABV.  Latest edition in the Midnight Project.  Hoppy pale lager.

Brooklyn – Detonation. Imperial IPA.  Part of the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series.  Awesome hoppy DIPA.

Terrapin – Hopzilla.  Imperial IPA, 9% ABV.  Fresh hopped w/ Citra hops – this side project was here and gone quick.

Dogfish Head – Chateau Jiahu. Herbed Beer, 10% ABV.  This beer has an awesome story.  Read up on it.  Beer spotlight soon.

Red Brick – Vanilla Gorilla. Barrel aged Porter, 7.5% ABV.  Porter aged in JD barrels for 6 mos. Vanilla bean added too.

Bell’s – Sparkling Ale.  Tripel, 9% ABV.  Wildly popular seasonal tripel from Bell’s.  Look for it back on shelves soon.

Smuttynose – Really Old Brown Dog. Old Ale, 10% ABV.  One of the best old ales in the US.  The bombers came and went.  Draft is a rare find.

Taps flow Friday, 6 pm!

Taco Mac Kennesaw
600 Chastain Road NW # 600
Kennesaw, GA 30144

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Left Hand / Terrapin “Oxymoron” Details!

More info has been released on Terrapin Brewing / Left Hand Brewing’s Midnight Project # 3 “Oxymoron.” As you might know by now, Oxymoron follows the extremely popular and now nearly completely extinct Depth Charge.

This years edition of the Midnight Project Series is brewed in Longmont, Colorado on site at Left Hand. Here is the info straight from Left Hand –

Hops: Magnum, Northern Brewer, Perle, Tradition, Spalter Select, Hersbrucker

Dry Hopped: Tradition, Spalter Select, Hersbrucker

Malt: Weyermann Pale Ale, Munich I and CaraAmber

Yeast: Left Hand Proprietary Lager strain 33

Production notes: We did a 4 step-infusion mash with a single decoction. To the decoction we added some Northern Brewer Hops. The beer was lagered for 4 weeks prior to filtering and packaging.

This beer has already made a small debut at Craft Lager Festival in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  It was well received.

7.2% ABV

65 IBU’s

Arrival: Last week of August, 2010.  Draft in September.

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COMING SOON: Left Hand/Terrapin Midnight Project #3

This little nugget of joy was sitting in my inbox when I woke up this morning from my mole at one of these breweries.  Left Hand/Terrapin’s Midnight Project #3 – “Oxymoron.”  Now, in case you have been COMPLETELY out of it – Midnight Project #3 is a collaboration project between Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, Colorado) and Terrapin Brewing (Athens, Georgia.)   I know there are various permutations of this story running around, but here is the version (and I think it’s pretty damn correct) of how this project got started.

A couple of years ago, Ro Guenzel and Spike Buchowski were having 1 or (7) beers at Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA.  Around midnight, the idea was proposed that the two breweries get together and collaborate on a release.  Thusly – the Midnight Project. (No, not the Midnight Society from Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Still waiting on those DVDs…)  Anyway, the first edition was release 2 years ago – Terra’-Rye’ ZD.  Terra was a black rye lager brewed at Left Hand.  It was popular and fun, part of the agreement was the next edition would be brewed at Terrapin.  It was – you know it as Depth Charge – and well, the rest is history.

The 3rd edition is on it’s way -“Oxymoron.” The edition is being brewed at Left Hand Brewery in Colorado.  Oxymoron will be a stylistically confusing “Oxymoron.”  The label explains why –

“Sometime around midnight in a city nobody can agree on, the idea for Left Hand and Terrapin to brew a collaboration beer was born. Oxymoron is the third in a series of one-time releases between our two breweries. A combination of contradictions embodied in liquid form, Oxymoron is an American-style IPA brewed with three German malts, six German hop varieties, and a lager yeast strain. Obnoxious yet reserved, elevated yet modest, it’s the embodiment of blending two brewing philosophies together in order to achieve singularity. Consider it an expression of the cruel kindness.”

Availability – 22oz Bombers, Draft. Estimated August 2010

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Terrapin/Left Hand Collaboration – Depth Charge

Terrapin / Left Hand Collaboration # 2

Terrapin / Left Hand Collaboration # 2

By now I’m sure many of you have at least heard the name “Depth Charge.” DC is the 2nd installment of Terrapin/Left Hand Brewing’s Midnight Brewing Project.

The Midnight Brewing Project was born over a few pints at the Brickstore Pub late one night. Spike Buckowski was drinking with Left Hand brewer Ro Guenzel, dreaming up a beer dinner in Colorado. What started as a beer dinner, ended as a collaborative brew — the first taking place at Left Hand. The result was a black rye lager named Terra-Rye’zd. Terra-Rye’zd debuted at The Great American Beer Festival, and was so successful, the second installment was brewed at Terrapin. AKA — Depth Charge.

Depth Charge took a little time to design. Emails were passed back and forth from brewery to brewery coming up with the concept. Looking into the successful brews by each brewery — Left Hand’s Milk Stout, and Terrapin’s Wake and Bake Oatmeal Porter, an Espresso Milk Stout wasn’t far stretch.

The coffee beans in DC come from Jittery Joe’s in Athens, Ga. When Left Hand got to Athens, the brewers took a stroll over to Jittery Joe’s Roasting House to test out beans. The coffee beans were tasted to look for the beans that would present the best mouthfeel for the brew, without being too light or too acidic. Ultimately, a blend of beans was roasted and used — consisting of Nicaragua, Brazilian, and Sumatra.

DC is a blend of these beans, lots of German malts (Spike of Terrapin loves them,) and a version of Left Hand’s milk stout. Created in merely 2 days, Depth Charge is a very unique 1 time brew that is a very balanced, espresso infused stout. It really changes how one views coffee beers.

Currently tapping at Brickstore, and Taco Mac Metropolis, it is expanding to many more T Mac taps this week. Depth Charge is also available in 22 oz bottles — average price found — 7.50. Also, Jittery Joe’s is selling limited release coffee cans of Depth Charge ( non alcoholic of course.)

Tasting Notes:
I loved this brew. There is a strong coffee (espresso) flavor at first taste. Mocha is very prevalent. Honestly, the coffee flavor is so bold that its easy to forget you are drinking a beer. The milk stout is a sweeter than a regular stout, and that really brings it all together. If you love coffee, don’t miss this beer! (7% ABV)