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COMING SOON: Left Hand/Terrapin Midnight Project #3

This little nugget of joy was sitting in my inbox when I woke up this morning from my mole at one of these breweries.  Left Hand/Terrapin’s Midnight Project #3 – “Oxymoron.”  Now, in case you have been COMPLETELY out of it – Midnight Project #3 is a collaboration project between Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, Colorado) and Terrapin Brewing (Athens, Georgia.)   I know there are various permutations of this story running around, but here is the version (and I think it’s pretty damn correct) of how this project got started.

A couple of years ago, Ro Guenzel and Spike Buchowski were having 1 or (7) beers at Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA.  Around midnight, the idea was proposed that the two breweries get together and collaborate on a release.  Thusly – the Midnight Project. (No, not the Midnight Society from Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Still waiting on those DVDs…)  Anyway, the first edition was release 2 years ago – Terra’-Rye’ ZD.  Terra was a black rye lager brewed at Left Hand.  It was popular and fun, part of the agreement was the next edition would be brewed at Terrapin.  It was – you know it as Depth Charge – and well, the rest is history.

The 3rd edition is on it’s way -“Oxymoron.” The edition is being brewed at Left Hand Brewery in Colorado.  Oxymoron will be a stylistically confusing “Oxymoron.”  The label explains why –

“Sometime around midnight in a city nobody can agree on, the idea for Left Hand and Terrapin to brew a collaboration beer was born. Oxymoron is the third in a series of one-time releases between our two breweries. A combination of contradictions embodied in liquid form, Oxymoron is an American-style IPA brewed with three German malts, six German hop varieties, and a lager yeast strain. Obnoxious yet reserved, elevated yet modest, it’s the embodiment of blending two brewing philosophies together in order to achieve singularity. Consider it an expression of the cruel kindness.”

Availability – 22oz Bombers, Draft. Estimated August 2010