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Stone Quingenti Belgo Barleywine: Bourbon & Red Wine Editions

Stone’s Quingenti Millitre Series kicked off in July.  It’s Stone’s new barrel aging program.  A great idea from one of the fastest growing breweries in the United States with only one problem.  The beers are extremely rare.  Unless you are reading this in or geographically near to San Diego, California, there is little change you will taste the awesome that lies within these bottles.  However being beer geeks, or at the very least- beer interested, we like to know what’s up.  So here’s whats up.

The Quingenti series has featured 2 beers to date.  Stone/Maui/Ken Schmidt Coconut Porter, and 2010 Stone Old Guardian Barleywine aged in bourbon.  Next 2 releases feature Stone’s Belgian edition of OG, aged in bourbon and red wine barrels.

I write this the Tuesday following out Stone 15th Anniversary Celebration.  More than 6,500 folks came out to help us celebrate our 15 years of vein in the biz.   And as with every other year, we are blessed to find this one filled with many many interesting and exciting things.  New “Stone Quingenti Millilitre” 500ml cork-and-wire-bale program announced? Check.  New coffee table worthy book The Craft Of Stone Brewing Co:  Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes & Unabashed Arrogance released Late Sept 2011?  Check.  Another tome I co-authored called The Brewer’s Apprentice also coming out in Sept? Check.  New Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens -Liberty Station announced? Check.  New “Stone Company Store” in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego opened?  Check.  Stone Europe announced? The idea, check.   The announcement of A building expansion to the south of the brewery that may allow us to eventually brew a half a million barrels per year? Check.  Impending secession from the city-state of Escondido to form our own Stonelandia? Uh, no, not yet.  We like Escondido!  Although it’s pretty amusing to ponder the thought… hmmm.. Stonelandia.  I like the sound of it!  Heh. OK back to the moment.  The thing I left out in the list above was the announcement that along with the hotel and event space mentioned, we’ll have a new barrel-aging room.  Enough room from many hundreds of barrels, which will mean a future filled with a lot more of the likes of what you have here in your hands.  You could call it “a tasty barrel-aged future” if you like.  I think I will.  

Style: Barleywine (Belgian yeast)
Availability: 500ml bottles. Estimated 550 bottle yield.
Release:  Stone will announce how they will be released

12% ABV