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Stone Lukcy Basartd Ale Is Here!

2010 marks the 13th year of Stone’s “Arrogant Bastard” an American strong ale.  To mark the occasion, Stone has released “Lukcy Basartd Ale” to celebrate 13 years of arrogance. All the “bastards” will come together iin what the brewery grammatically butchers as a “cuvee de Bastard.”  Lukcy Basartd is a blend Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Arrogant Bastard, and Double Bastard into one bold beer.  This is obviously Stone’s boldest most arrogant Bastard yet.

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Style: American Strong Ale (blended)

Taste Expectations:  Lots of pine & grapefruit hops in this bastard.  Resiny.  Caramel malt attempts to balance this bold big beer.

Availability: 22oz Bombers. Draft.  All markets where Stone is sold.

Looking for this? Just arrived at Green’s Beer.  Hop City, Thursday.  Who else?  Let me know.

8.5% ABV