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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Returns in 2016, With 30 Breweries

Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA/Mills River, NC) will re-create the Beer Camp Across America Series again in 2016. Today, the brewery released a little teaser video, now that the brewery process has already begun.

Last years Beer Camp featured 12 breweries creating their own Beer Camp recipes around the United States. The 2016 party will feature 30 breweries, chosen in six regions of the United States. (See graphic below).

These 30 breweries are in groups of five (plus a brewer from Sierra Nevada). Each will devise a new recipe for the Beer Camp Across America mixed pack, coming in 2016.

Next year, expect Beer Camp Across America release parties and special events in the six regions, starting with Northern California.

In the meantime, flashback to Beer Camp Across America 2014’s lineup.

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