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Rogue Brews Up Some Good Chit

It’s time for another edition in Rogue Brewing’s Chatoe Rogue Series.  Good Chit looks to be one of the latest appearances.  Rogue floor malted the barley themselves, which is quite the task.

Good Chit Pilsner is made with 100% Rogue Farm barley that we Floor-Malted in small batches.  Floor malting is an old fashioned, 8 day process that includes steeping, germination, raking, roasting, bagging and hands on love 24 hours a day.  “Chit” reforest to he start of the rootlets that emerge front he embryo of the kernel once steeping is complete and germination begins.

Style: Pilsner
Hops: Liberty
Malts:  Weyermann acidularted, rogue Micro barley Farm Dark Floor Malt
Yeast: Pacman

Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft


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