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Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla Arrives This Week, With Changes

Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is releasing the 2012 round of Brick Mason Smoked Vanilla Gorilla this week.  The 2012 edition is a little different. The vanilla beans aren’t smoked this year, just the malt. The smoke is subtle. brewer Garrett Lockhart wanted the beer to have a bit more silky smoothness. Also, no barrel aging this year. The base beer is still Red Brick oatmeal porter.

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.
Arrival: First week of October, 2012

Tasting Notes (Per Red Brick): Vanilla Gorilla is a strong porter with big chocolate and roasted flavors.  It has a delicate addition of vanilla that compliments its subtle smokey finish.

Style: Porter (w/ Vanilla Beans, Smoked)

7.5% ABV 

One thought on “Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla Arrives This Week, With Changes

  1. Lame.. This beer feels like it was rushed out.. It’s the base porter they make, which is GREAT by the way, with the added change of smoking the malt, and adding some vanilla…

    They do some great stuff with barrels, I hate that they didn’t toss the porter into the barrels.

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