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Schlafly Smoked Stout debuts in Limited Series

Schlafly Smoked Stout

Schlafly Smoked Stout, a new limited release, debuts Valentine’s Day week.

Built for colder weather, Schlafly Smoked Stout truly is a fireside sipper. The barley is smoked with beechwood, giving the beer hints of smoke. The finish is slightly hoppy, with smoke and a touch of chocolate.

“Our Cellar Beers are meant to be conversation pieces. It was a 2017 goal to expand our offerings of
unique, larger format beers and encourage guests to enjoy and share the beers with friends. The Smoked Stout is exactly what you want to be drinking this time of year. Robust and rich, the appropriate amount of hops provide balance while the Belgian crystal malt and German smoked malt lend complexity.” – Ambassador Brewer Stephen Hale

Other limited releases in the series includes Belgian Golden Ale, Baltic Porter, and ESB.

Schlafly Smoked Stout is available in 750 milliliter bottles. ERP, $13.99.

Style: Smoke Beer
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Debut: Valentine’s Week, 2017

8.5% ABV, 45 IBUs

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Terrapin Side Project #21: Pineapple Express

You have a lot to be excited for from Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA). For starters, Cinnamon Roll’d Wake & Bake, White Chocolate Moo Hoo, even a Pecan Pie collaboration with Cigar City Brewing.

Incoming is a follow up to Side Project #20, Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA, Pineapple Express. This newbie is the brainchild of Terrapin’s own.

Recently the brewery held an employee brew-off. Late night grilling (and drinking!) with friends inspired a slightly smoky offering brewed with chunks of fresh pineapple. The winning offering was born.

This smoked pineapple helles lager will be pulling into the station in the near future. Congratulations to Julia Weckback, Andy Dupras, John Lane, Rainey Lynch, Lily Swindle, Mike Wallace, and Chris Wright for your winning brew.

Style: Helles Lager (w/ Pineapple. Smoked)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

5.4% ABV

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Woodchuck Releases Smoked Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider has just shipped their latest offering, Woodchuck Cellar Series Smoked Apple.  This is the second release in the Cellar Series.

This edition is a bit of a collaboration with local business Vermont Smoke and Cure. Woodchuck cider maker John Matson filled their custom smokehouse with apple pomace (the pulpy residue left behind after the apples are press for juice). The pomace was smoked with maple and applewood chips, then brought back to the cidery.

The resulting flavor is described as having “strong crisp apple notes with hints of vanilla are balanced on an applewood smoked backdrop.  A well-balanced, limited run cider that is perfect for the cooler days ahead.” Available in 22oz bottles only for a limited time. ERP $4.99

Style: Cider (Smoked)
Availability: 22oz bombers. Limited Release.

6.5% ABV

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Red Brick Smoked Vanilla Gorilla Arrives This Week, With Changes

Red Brick Brewing (Atlanta, GA) is releasing the 2012 round of Brick Mason Smoked Vanilla Gorilla this week.  The 2012 edition is a little different. The vanilla beans aren’t smoked this year, just the malt. The smoke is subtle. brewer Garrett Lockhart wanted the beer to have a bit more silky smoothness. Also, no barrel aging this year. The base beer is still Red Brick oatmeal porter.

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.
Arrival: First week of October, 2012

Tasting Notes (Per Red Brick): Vanilla Gorilla is a strong porter with big chocolate and roasted flavors.  It has a delicate addition of vanilla that compliments its subtle smokey finish.

Style: Porter (w/ Vanilla Beans, Smoked)

7.5% ABV 

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Smoke & Bourbon: Clown Shoes Porcine Unidragon

Clown Shoes Porcine Unidragon

What happens when you take the Clown Shoes mythical beast Unidragon and and smoke and bourbon? Porcine Unidragon. Based off of Blaecorn Unidragon, this edition has Beechwood smoked malt before taking a run at bourbon barrels.

This Blaecorn Unidragon made with Beechwood Smoked malt, which adds a natural meaty note (there is no actual meat  in the brew). Aged 100% in bourbon barrels. Little piggies run, squeal to the heavens: Clown Shoes wishes you luck. 

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged, Smoked)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

12.5% ABV 

porcine |ˈpôrËŒsÄ«n| adjective of, affecting, or resembling a pig or pigs.