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Spotlight: Payette Brewing Twelve Gauge

Payette Brewing Twelve Gauge bottle

Payette Brewing Twelve Gauge, the brewery’s highly touted barrel-aged beer, has made a 2015 return. This is the third time the brewery has released this beer.

Payette Brewing Twelve Gauge is an imperial stout aged in a mix of bourbon and whiskey barrels. (Wish we could tell you which ones, but lawyers, copyrights, etc.)

By our estimates, Idaho has less than 50 breweries in total. Around 10 of those are in Payette’s home of Boise. That leaves just a handful of Idaho born and brewed barrel-aged beers to be had. Folks in states filled with breweries like California, Illinois and Colorado are spoiled. Perhaps that’s why this beer is such a gem.

While Beer Street Journal isn’t in the business of rating beer, Payette Twelve Gauge imperial Stout was an exciting beer for us to try. Let’s face it, bourbon barrel aged anything gets our attention. Secondly, we don’t find ourselves in reach of beers fromĀ Idaho very often. Nice to see what land of potatoes and gemstones has to offer.

Twelve Gauge is a 22oz bottle offering, along with limited draft, released on around Black Friday each year.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Waxed capped.
Release: Black Friday, 2015

10% ABV