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Oskar Blues & Ska Create oSKAr the G’Rauch

Shortly after the Great American Beer Festival this year, Ska Brewing travelled to Longmont, Colorado to Oskar Blues. The two brewery friends in canning came together to celebrate the 10 Year CANiversary of Dale’s Pale Ale. Introducing the newest Colorado collaboration oSKAr the G’Rauch, a smoked IPA.  Both breweries started canning in within a few months of each other staring in November, 2002.

Oskar Blues has selected the new 19.2 oz “royal pint” for this CANlaboration. The brewery is spending today stickering the cans for the release on Saturday. What about the beer? What did oSKAr the G’Rauch say to the face? Slap! Aromas of freshly-peeled orange and apricots with a touch of……..smoke? Juicy citrus and fruit flavors dominate but don’t overpower the slightly sweet malt structure. Finish is all citrus rind ping-ponging with some smoky phenols.

Style: Imperial IPA (Smoked)
Availability: 19.2 oz cans, sold individually. Brewery release only.
Arrival: November 17, 2012

8.5% ABV