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New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer debuts in Lips of Faith

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer has debuted in the brewery’s Lips of Faith Series. The “Lips” series allows the brewery to get even more creative, with styles, flavors and collaborations.

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer echoes a fizzy craft cocktail, with lemon, pear juices, and ginger. Additionally, the brewery wants you to perhaps even mix Pear Ginger Beer into your favorite cocktail.

Add fizz and flavor to the mix with this spicy ginger meets citrusy pear concoction. A tantalizing beer on its own, pear ginger is also eager to bring a crisp tartness to your cocktail creations. Recipes and Mixology at

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer is available in 22oz bottles.

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer (w/ Pears, Ginger, Lemon.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: Summer, 2015

7% ABV