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More Wood For New Belgium

New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO) is adding 32 new French Oak foeders to the brewery. That will bring the count to 64. A foeder is a large wooden tank used to sour the beer.

This addition will double the production of sour ale offerings in the coming years.

“With this expansion, we’ll get so close to that feeling I had the first time I walked through the forest of foeders at Rodenbach,” said New Belgium’s Wood Cellar Manager/Blender, Lauren Salazar. “Just knowing they’re all full of souring beer – ALL of them – is exciting. It’s a destination. Something you have to experience first hand.”

Tart Lychee and Eric’s Ale are expected to be in year round production by 2015. Over the next few months, the brewery will be rehydrating the barrels, and inoculating them with various wild yeasts. They will then age beer for nearly two years before bottling/kegging.


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  1. Just attended the New Belgium Sour Beer Symposium here in Chicago. Lots of pictures of these foeders and discussion on tasting and blending. It was AMAZING!

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