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Meet New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, the next ice cream inspired beer

New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bottle

New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough hits shelves by month’s end. This is the second ice cream inspired beer, and collaboration with the ubiquitous Ben & Jerry’s.

This time last year, New Belgium released the very first Ben & Jerry’s partnership release – Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. The beer was paired with a Ben & Jerry’s special release ice cream by the same name to pair along with it. The beer was good. So was the ice cream, if you could find it. We never did unfortunately.

Things are different in 2016 with New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale. If you didn’t know, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is B&J’s number one selling ice cream flavor. It is also the most readily available flavor. See where we are going with this? Unless you live on your own island, there is a beer and ice cream pairing in your future.

Now, about this beer. Please never expect a beer to taste exactly like the food that inspired it. Most are flavor interpretations. Go in with that expection, and you’ll have so much more fun with beer. ┬áThe base for this Cookie Dough is a blonde ale, brewed with cocoa nibs, brown sugar and vanilla beans. The flavor dotes more on the “dough” aspect of the ice cream, rather than the full-on richness of the dessert. Great by itself, and even better if you calorically spluge on the ice cream as well. Go ahead. No judgement here.

A portion of the proceeds from the New Belgium Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale will be donated to Protect Our Winters, a non-profit organization that raises awareness of climate change.

The brewery’s Folly Packs will see the beer first, followed by 6-packs going into November, 2016.

Style: Blonde Ale (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Brown Sugar.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. One-Time Release
Debut: Late October, 2016

6% ABV