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Lagunitas Fandom Ale available nationwide at Buffalo Wild Wings

Lagunitas Fandom Ale

Lagunitas Fandom Ale is available at Buffalo Wild Wings locations across the country. This wheat ale marks the 39th release of the “Fusion” craft beers series from Lagunitas. Fandom Ale will be the first offering in the series to be distributed nationwide.

Lagunitas designed Fandom Ale, a hoppy pale wheat ale, as a sessionable option for the avid sports fan.

Fandom Ale is the 39th of our ‘Fusion’ craft beers, a special series in which we brew unique recipes in batches with very special limited releases that reflect a true fusion of the creativity and ideas of our brand. We worked to come up with something approachable, interesting and fun for sports fans.” -Karen Hamilton

The beer developed after multiple surveys of Buffalo Wild Wings guests indicated their fan favorites are easy-drinking, full flavored, wheat beers and pale ales. Lagunitas describes Fandom Ale as a fusion of wheat beer and pale ale, with a subtle citrus aroma, and flavor that pairs well with Buffalo Wild Wings hot sauces and spices.

You can find Lagunitas Fandom Ale in over 1,200 Buffalo Wild Wings locations nationwide for a limited time, as well as various bars within typical Lagunitas distribution.

Style: Wheat Ale
Limited time, Buffallo Wild Wings  
November 2016

5.5% ABV

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