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So they want to build (another) national beer museum…

Brew: The Museum of Beer

Brew: The Museum of Beer is seeking funding on Indiegogo, a crowd funding website. The lofty goal – to build a 50,000 square foot facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Now, you’re on Beer Street Journal right now, so we find very little need to convince you of the need for a museum dedicated to the world’s best beverage. The founder, Joe McAllister, has been working on the beer museum project full time for the past three years.

Brew: The Museum of Beer will span 50,000 square feet, targeting 400,000 visitors a year. Additionally, the site will house a bar, event space, and brewhouse, plus – a gift shop (of course).

The campaign is currently seeking an initial $50,000 dollars in order to take the design to architects to begin the design process. Then the real challenge – the $30 million dollars in funding to build it. Lofty? Indeed.

At the time of this article, the Indiegogo campaign has raised a little over $22,000 dollars.

No word if the museum will sell Terrible Towels on site.

Ed Note: A astute reader noted that an National Brewery Museum exists in Potosi, Wisconsin. Partnered with the American Breweriana Association. One of a few beer related museums in existence.



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