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Ironic Beer: Brooklyn “There Will Be Black” Taps This Week

Brooklyn There Will Be Black

This beer is riddled with irony. Brooklyn Brewery’s There Will Be Black launches this week, while part of the city is still dark from Hurricane Sandy. The beer is actually named for the winter darkness we feel this time of year. It’s about embracing the darkness, which a lot of New Yorkers are doing two fold right now.

So what’s this beer? An American Black Ale built on American and German black malts, and New Zealand hops. The Flavor? There Will Be Black has a core of black bread and dark chocolate, wrapped in a bright coat of orangey, minty hops.

Style: American Black Ale
Hops: American Willamette and Sorachi Ace, New Zealand Pacific Gem and Motueka
Malts:British pale, lager, crystal and chocolate malt, American black barley, German black malt

Availability: Draft only

7.5% ABV





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