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Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter Joining Brewmaster’s Reserve Series

Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter

Brooklyn Brewery will add Wild Horse Porter the Brewmaster’s Reserve lineup in February, 2015. The Brewmaster’s Reserve is a small batch, experimental series, released every four months.

Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter is an English-style porter that was fermented almost primarily with Brettanomyces yeast, then finished with house ale yeast.

… The result is an intriguing, full-bodied beer with a hay-forward funk on the nose preceding flavors of chocolate, coffee, fruit and caramel. We’re riding on the wild side. Are you ready?

Brooklyn Wild Horse Porter hits taps starting February 9th at a special event in Williamsburg, New York. Limited draft in key accounts shortly after.

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: Draft only. Limited.

?? ABV

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Posted in Brooklyn Brewing, New Releases

Ironic Beer: Brooklyn “There Will Be Black” Taps This Week

Brooklyn There Will Be Black

This beer is riddled with irony. Brooklyn Brewery’s There Will Be Black launches this week, while part of the city is still dark from Hurricane Sandy. The beer is actually named for the winter darkness we feel this time of year. It’s about embracing the darkness, which a lot of New Yorkers are doing two fold right now.

So what’s this beer? An American Black Ale built on American and German black malts, and New Zealand hops. The Flavor? There Will Be Black has a core of black bread and dark chocolate, wrapped in a bright coat of orangey, minty hops.

Style: American Black Ale
Hops: American Willamette and Sorachi Ace, New Zealand Pacific Gem and Motueka
Malts:British pale, lager, crystal and chocolate malt, American black barley, German black malt

Availability: Draft only

7.5% ABV





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Brooklyn Debuts Fiat Lux [Video]

Brooklyn Brewing adds to the Brewmasters Reserve Series with Fiat Lux. The name means “Let There Be Light.”  The name is less religious and more “let the be the light of summer.”

Let there be beaches, let there be blankets laid out on grass, let there be beer gardens, let there be barbecues, let there be outdoor concerts, let there be good beer everywhere, great people to drink it with, and time to enjoy it. Yeah, we thought you’d be down with that too. Brooklyn Fiat Lux is great with everything you’re cooking and eating this summer (it’s not that great with beef stew… but you’re not eating beef stew) from barbecue to burgers, from crawfish to salmon. And it’s mighty nice with goat cheese. Have a great summer, folks. And yes, we admit it — we really do love walking into places, declaring “Fiat Lux!” and making it so.
Lux is based on a witbier recipe, brewed with Canadian and American malts and un-malted white winter wheat. Then Lux is spiced with coriander and lime peel.

Style: Witbier (Coriander, Lime Peel)
Availability: Draft only

Brooklyn Brewery presents Fiat Lux from Transient Pictures on Vimeo.

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Brooklyn Officially Kicks Off New Series

Brooklyn Brewery has officially kicked off a new series over the weekend – The Worshipful Company of Brewers.  It will feature special releases from members of the brewery team.  Each beer will be a brewery only release – with the potential of being added to the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series.

Ladies, gentlemen and ale lovers hark! The Worshipful Company of Brewers is upon us. The charter of this sanctified league dictates that each member of the Brooklyn Brewery brewing team will design and create a batch of his/her own draft-only beer, to be served exclusively at the Brewery Tasting Room until the last drop has been squeezed from the taps, and each with the possibility of blooming into a fully distributed Brewmaster’s Reserve.

The inaugural beer was created by Tom Villa (pictured above) a New York native.   His Belgian “session” beer Oishi is an approachable 3.9% ABV

BEER #1: Oishi

Style: Single-hop Belgian-inspired session ale
ABV: 3.9%
Notes: Envisioned as a table version of the popular Sorachi Ace, Oishi means “delicious” in Japanese
Pairing: Oishi will pair excellently with sushi and curries
Available: Fri, March 23 until it’s gone!

BREWER #1: Tom Villa, Lead Brewer
Born: Hyde Park, NY
Started at Brooklyn Brewery: 1998
Favorite place to drink: The Diamond


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Garrett Oliver On Mary’s Maple Porter [Video]

Then next Brooklyn Brewing Brewmaster’s Reserve beer is Mary’s Maple Porter.  What is that exactly? The beer is named for Mary Wiles, a brewer that joined the Brooklyn team about a year ago.  The porter features maple syrup from her trees near the brewery. 50 gallons of maple syrup were used in the kettle to make Mary’s porter. Here’s Garrett Oliver to explain:

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Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Reserve Maple Porter

Quick note from Brooklyn Brewing – the next edition of the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series is due out by the end of January.

Marys Maple Porter, our next quarterly draft-only Brewmater’s Reserve beer made with maple syrup from our QC Manager’s (Mary) maple trees, released end of January.

Availability: Draft only