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Coffee meets vanilla: Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde Ale

Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde can

Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde Ale is the newest addition to the Boston, Massachusetts based brewery’s seasonal lineup.

A blonde ale serves as the base for this beer, nuanced with vanilla beans and fresh cold brew coffee. As for the flavor – that is exactly what you get. A ridiculously easy drinking unfiltered blonde ale that doesn’t overwhelm you with vanilla or coffee. The dessert-like beer is soft, smooth,  and very easy drinking.


Whether skiing the snowy trails or enjoying a jovial game night, there’s nothing like capping off your winter adventures with this delightfully refreshing winter treat.

Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde Ale is available now through December, 2016 in 12 ounce bottles, cans and draft.

Style: Blonde Ale (Vanilla Bean Cold Brew Coffee.)
12oz bottles and cans. Draft. Limited seasonal release.
Release: October, 2016

4.9% ABV