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Crispin’s New Japanese Cider Infusion

Crispin's New Japanese Cider Infusion

Crispin's New Japanese Cider Infusion

Crispin is really raising the bar for ciders in the U.S.   The limited release series boasts a fresh pressed ciders that have been fermented with different beer yeasts (Irish Stout Yeast, Trappist Yeasts, etc.)  Also a host of premium editions to the cider – molasses, organic honey etc.  Currently the series has 3 offerings – Lansdown, The Saint, & Honey Crisp.  A new edition arrives soon – Cho-Tokkyu.

Cho-Tokkyu features fresh pressed apple juice fermented with sake yeast & organic rice syrup.  The addition of sake yeast provides a unique flavor and body to the cider.  This 4th edition in the limited release series of ciders is not one to be missed.

Availability: 220z bombers.


6 thoughts on “Crispin’s New Japanese Cider Infusion

  1. Honestly, a little of both. The sake yeast really adds an interesting complexity.  

  2. dananas, You get Crispin in Mpls currently right? If so, this new Crispin should be out by the end of July according to sales rep… 

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