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Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla & Chilies To Fight Bone Cancer

Virginia McLean, partner in the Reunion project, died from complications from multiple myeloma in June, 2007.   She had a fantastic quote “Cancer can cause my death, but it can only take my life if I give it that.” Virginia is the inspiration for the Reunion project, a way to drink good beer and raise money for the Institute for & Bone Cancer Research.  100% of the proceeds go straight to IMBCR. (  This Institute works to prolong the life of individuals suffering from the currently incurable form of bone cancer, and hopes to one day find a cure. This institute does not have a huge operating budget — and proceeds from this Reunion project really make a difference.

The 2011 edition of Reunion features some new people in the collaboration – Shmaltz Brewing & Olive & Sinclair.  Shmaltz needs no introduction, but you previously met Olive & Sinclair & their chocolate in Terrapin’s “Moo Hoo” released last fall.  Reunion Ale 2011 is a dark ale brewed with Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, & chili peppers.

Teaming up with Shmaltz Brewing for the first time, Terrapin Beer Co. returns for a third year as a production partner for Reunion ’11. We brew Reunion each year in memory of our dear friend and partner in this venture — Virginia MacLean. Virginia lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma in 2007. It was her wish that we continue to raise funds and awareness on behalf of The Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research (

This year’s beer is a dark ale brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla and chili peppers. It was inspired by a fantastic dessert that we used to share with Virginia at our favorite restaurant. This brown ale leads with a sweet and subtle spicy aroma. The flavor begins with complex malt overtones and quickly gives way to a chocolate and vanilla mix of satisfying bliss. Just when you thought it was over, the heat from the chilies sneaks in and coats your tongue with tantalizing heat.

Many thanks to all who have supported this project and have helped us honor Virginia’s memory.
Cheers — Pete and Alan

Availability: 220z bombers, draft.  Released annually, style changes each year.

7.6% ABV

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