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Clown Shoes Blends. Makes Extremely Angry Beast

Clown Shoes Brewing (Ipswich, MA) has come up with some pretty epic barrel aged beers. To review a few you need to know for this Extremely Angry BeastBourbon Barrel Aged Blaecorn Unidragon, Bourbon Barrel Undead Party Crasher, Rum Barrel Hammer of the Holy. Mix (blend) all that together, and you have an Extremely Angry Beast. A beer way more pissed off than Angry Beast, or even Very Angry Beast.

How do you create an Extremely Angry Beast? Mix one part bourbon barrel aged Blaecorn Unidragon, one part bourbon barrel aged Undead Party Crasher, one part Hammer of the Holy, then add a massive dose of incendiary rage. 

You’ll find Clown Shoes Extremely Angry Beast in 22oz bottles.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Rum. Bourbon)
Availability: 22oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

12% ABV

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