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Bruery Bringing Black Orchard, Snicklefritz

The Bruery is bringing back Black Orchard today.  Orchard was one of The Bruery’s launch beers.  A black wheat beer flavored with chamomile.

We will also be re-releasing Black Orchard! Some of you may remember this beer as it was part of our original lineup and is now just a member of the retired collection of “Orchard” beers. Somewhat similar to Orchard White, this one is a 5.7% ABV Belgian-style black wheat beer, or “black wit”, if you will. This dark but surprisingly light bodied beer is very drinkable while still having character and complexity. Chamomile is added for its floral aroma, while the coriander and citrus peel give the characteristics of a traditional witbier. Those great brews will be on all weekend, so come in and get a pint or two!

Snicklefritz just got upgraded to the Provisions series.   Snickel was the Pro-Am entry at GABF ’09, created with TAPS fish-house brewer Kyle Manns.

 Belgian strong pale ale is spiced with cardomom, ginger, juniper berries and coriander, along with fresh lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine zests. After fermentation, the already complex concoction was aged on oak cubes to add one more layer of flavor.  9.5% ABV

Also tomorrow, The Bruery is offering reserve bottles, for tasting room consumption only.   Feel free to drool here.   Reserve Bottle List website.