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Limited Woodchuck Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider

Woodchuck has 2 Private Reserve offerings – Pumpkin and this bourbon number.  Apple cider aged in Kentucky Bourbon.  It’s a small batch treat for cider lovers.  Apple cider & bourbon is hard to ignore, even if are a stauch beer lover.

Woodchuck Private Reserve Barrel Select is our ultra-limited cider crafted in small batches for a rare taste of sweet, crisp apple cider combined with smoky, dry bourbon flavors. Aged in genuine white oak Kentucky bourbon barrels, this copper-hued gem pairs excellently with cheese, pork roast and chocolate cake. Served best at 50 degrees, Barrel Select is truly an exclusive joy to relish.

Style: Cider, Barrel Aged

Availability: 12oz/6pks

6.9% ABV

Pic: @AleYeahBeer

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