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Laurelwood’s Portlandia Pils

Coming soon from Laurelwood Brewing – Porlandia Pils.  The beer echos the name of the statue of is a sculpture by Raymond Kaskey located above the entrance of Michael Graves’ Portland Building in Portland.  Maybe a little bit of the tv show on IFC too??

Style: Pilsner
Availability: 22oz bombers
Arrival: TBA

5.5% ABV 

The statue.

Portlandia (The show) –  Portland – A city where young people go to retire…

Posted in Coming Soon, Laurelwood Brewing Co

Laurelwood’s Newest: Gearhead IPA

Laurelwood Brewing (Portland, OR) just released GearHead IPA on tap at the Laurelwood pub locations.  Gearhead will be available in bottles by the end of September.

Gearhead IPA is brewed in the Northwest tradition of generous amounts of aroma hops, creating layers of citrus and piney aromatics and flavors, while managing to strike a balance with a moderate malt body.  This crisp and refreshing beer will provide with complex and resinous aromas.

Style: American IPA

 6.5% ABV, 60 IBUs

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