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Hill Farmstead Sets A Maximum Capacity. Forever.

Interesting approach from a craft brewery – a cap on how much they will ever produce.

Considered one of the best breweries in the United States according to RateBeer.com’s top lists is Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, Vermont. Lines for various Hill Farmstead releases sometimes last for more than four hours. While many of America’s craft brewers are looking to expand their capacity and sell more beer, Hill Farmstead has set a future cap on production. Forever.

What???? You’re joking right? I’m afraid not. The current annual capacity of the brewery is around 60,000 gallons of beer each year. An equipment expansion is planned that will double the output to nearly 150,000 gallons a year.

Once that happens, that’s it. No more. Shaun Hill tells The New York Times that once he maxes out at 150,000 he’s staying there. Small is all he wants the brewery to be.

Hill Farmstead’s lineup, especially the American wild ales, are very highly sought after among craft beer drinkers.



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Cigar City & Hill Farmstead Are Brewing Up “Nor”

Cigar City Brewing is headed to Vermont to collaborate with Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery.

The beer will be called Nor, as he was involved with Either & Or black IPA releases by Cigar City.  Soon there will be Either, Or, & Nor!

The CC beer team are bring beers up for the Hill Farmstead tasting room, and will most likely be bringing some back to Tampa.  Nor is being brewed this week, release date to follow. [CigarCity]