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Molson Coors acquires Detroit’s Atwater Brewery

Atwater Brewery Acquistion

Tenth & Blake Beer Company, a division of Molson Coors (previously Miller Coors) has acquired Detroit-based Atwater Brewery.

Atwater Block Brewery was founded in 1997 in Detroit’s Rivertown District. in 2005, Mark Rieth purchased the brewery outright.

Since the brewery’s inception, Atwater now operates three taphouse locations in Detroit, Grosse Pointe Park, and Grand Rapids.

Today, the brewery announced they have signed an agreement with Tenth & Blake to join their growing portfolio which includes Saint Archer, Terrapin Beer Company, Hop Valley Brewing, Revolver Brewing, and AC Golden.

“The agreement with Tenth and Blake is both the culmination of our past and the catapult to our future. For Atwater to continue to grow, it will require both capital and brewing expertise. Tenth and Blake brings both, which makes them the ideal strategic partner to help us continue to live our mantra ‘Born in Detroit. Raised Everywhere.'” – Mark Rieth, Atwater Brewery owner

Tenth & Blake’s last acquisition was in 2016 with Revolver.

Atwater produced just over 20,000 barrels of beer (620,000 gallons) in 2019. Recently, the brewery increased its production of hard seltzers. Atwater currently distributes to 12 states.

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Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter Bottle

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

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Posted in Atwater Brewery, New Beers
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Atwater Brewery Adds Tanks [PIC]

Atwater Brewery is spending this week adding tank space. More tanks = more beer. Pictured above are at least 4-125 barrel tanks. That’s 15,000 more gallons of beer per time.

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Imported From Detroit: Atwater Brewery Expanding

Atwater Brewery LogoDetroit’s Atwater Brewery has officially announced an expansion that will double their capacity.  The brewery will push production from 7,500 barrels (232,500 gallons) to 15,000 barrels (465,000) in 2012.  But wait, there’s more.  Act now, and the brewery will double it’s capacity in 2013!  That’s quadruple the production capacity for the low price of (probably millions of dollars.)  A cost is not mentioned in the expansion plans.

Atwater had orders for 50% more than they were producing in 2011.  In January, the brewery added 4 new tanks.  That will aid in increasing output by 400% over last year’s levels.  The brewery runs wide open 18 hours a day to meet demand.

Currently, the brewery sells 60% of it’s beer in Michigan.  The remaining goes to PA, OH, IL, and parts of New England.  Atwater launched a canning line early last year, and has seen success in the move.  Over 20 different beer styles are produced by the brewery each year.

Good news for workers too.  The expansion will add up to 25 more positions through 2015.  Check out the PR for some technical details & more.   [PressRelease]

I think Eminem needs to do a beer commercial for Detroit… 

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